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Hipbone Design
750 S 2nd Street Apt 412
Minneapolis MN 55401

T: 646 641 9713
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About Hipbone Design

Hipbone Design partners with institutions and corporations to create environments and activities, the context and catalyst of visitor experience. Through these design solutions our client's constituents and staff will experience the connective power of doing — to feel emotionally, culturally and intellectually connected. We believe the best projects emerge when all the voices related to the project are included in the design: leadership, operations, specialists, design and the end-user.

Hipbone design is a small, nimble company that assembles the perfectly tailored team to each specific project. Our years of work in many different segments of design and production give us valuable insights into what is possible and how to overcome challenges. We believe our project management is second to none.

We strongly believe in sustainable design. For us this means: do not build something if other options exist, think of the entire life cycle of all materials used, understand the resource implications of all processes and work towards as economically positive an outcome as possible.

Matthew Moore - Principal

MMM PhotoFillerMatthew Moore has over 20 years experience as a designer of collaborative public experiences ranging from informal learning cultural institutions to large corporations. Matthew finds most everything interesting. A large part of why he developed a passion for exhibit and experience design is the opportunity to discover new things — to work with the diverse range of insightful and creative people to help other people feel the same excitement and sense of enjoyment from discovery he does.

Prior to Hipbone Design he was the Director of Environmental Design at ESI Design, an interactive design company. Through this work and through his work teaching graduate exhibit design Matthew has continued to develop ideas of connecting people in public places, the effect of cumulative details, and design functionality (including aesthetic, emotional, and inspirational functionality). He toured with the Big Apple Circus in the summer of '83.
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Diane Klein - Principal Advisor & Project Manager

D KleinFillerA firm and humanistic leader with strong business acumen, Diane Klein earns the respect of clients, consultant companies and business partners on all levels. With extensive project management experience, adept at listening to clients, defining needs, building consensus and directing project teams. Facile at getting to the core of complex or difficult issues and managing the aspirations multiple constituents and stakeholders.

Until recently Diane was the Managing Director of ESI Design a company with a varied client list that includes museums, retailers real estate developers, new businesses and corporations. As a leader in the company she managed the major highly complex projects and the supervised the management of all ESI Design projects and the operations of the organization.
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